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My name is Jinley and I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of Hawaii. 

I enhance your beauty with my eyelash extension artistry.

Being that I was born and raised in the state of Hawaii, I love the tropics! 

Naturally, I gravitate towards this climate in most of my travels and am an ocean lover at heart. 

After high school I did what was expected of me, went to college for a degree in business. 


Thereafter, I continued to work for my family restaurant business that’s been going on 21 years now. 

But I wanted more

I was unfulfilled, bored, and seeking change. 


In the beginning of 2018, my best friend at the time told me about her dreams of becoming an esthetician to do brows and lashes

She needed the funding.  I was excited  to take on this new venture and invest in her education and partner up with her in business. 


We were best friends for 20+ years, it was going to be perfect.  Her role was to be the lash and brow artist and mines was business development.  We really did not understand what we were getting into.

 That partnership did not even last three months! 

I was never repaid the money as promised.

But the loss was a lesson

My Story

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Later that year while doing my nails I was invited to attend a open house for the new beauty school opening in town.  Next thing you know I’m a student, certified lash artist, four months later a esthetician and Glam Studio Waikoloa was created in October 2018. Just like that.

Since then, I have continued in investing heavily in myself.  I am seven time certified by some of the best in the industry  Lashbox LA, LashMakers, LashAnarchist to name a few.  I have also furthered my education on the business side of the industry with LashMoney and Pretty Rich Bossess.

So here I am again, wanting to do more.  I have so much to share and will be offering small group and private lash training from beginner courses to advance lash artistry.

"She took the leap and built her wings on the way down"


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